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The team

​More about us

What also makes MobilityXlab special is the closeness to our partners; CEVT, Ericsson, Polestar, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, and Zenseact. Partner representatives are involved in every part of our organization, from screening new applicants to leading our collaboration program. So, all in all, you can say the organization around us is pretty large!

Don´t hesitate to get in contact with us if we can be of any help. To guide you to the best person to talk to, you have some basic facts about us below. If you are not sure, just pick one of us randomly or send us an email.

At the MobilityXlab office, we are currently a team of seven dedicated employees. Stay tuned for our latest additions to also be added here!

lindholmen_johanna_lavefors.png"When people meet is when the magic happens."
Johanna Lavefors is the Mood Manager at MobilityXlab, with a mission to deliver a seamless experience for visitors at the office. Johanna has the ability to make everyone feel welcome to enable value creation in the interaction between people. She is the mastermind behind all practical aspects of our office and is our endless source of inspiration with her positive energy. Everyone should have a Johanna in their lives! 

20220223_susanna_thorslund_glenndahl08klar.jpg"The most ground-breaking ideas thrive in a committed, inspiring, and open working culture."
Susanna Glenndahl Thorslund is Innovation Manager for Partners and responsible for making sure that the relationships with MobilityXlab’s industry partners run smoothly, are meaningful, and create real value. She is the go-to person for leads and industry partners and has many years of experience working with large global companies and startups and can help bridge gaps, identify needs, provide input and help guide and drive progress. Susanna believes in the power of curiosity, inclusiveness, and teamwork, and has experienced the fantastic results of it many times herself.

lindholmen_katarina_brud_2_kontakt.jpeg"People who are open to collaborating for impact, are the ones who accelerate the future."
Katarina Brud heads MobilityXlab and is passionate about creating value by developing the platform for collaboration, innovation, and an interface between startups and corporate founders. She has been at the helm of MobilityXlab from the start (2017) and has seen the relationship between startups, and the industry partners, flourish and accelerate over the years. Katarina's drive to explore the future, combined with her agile working methods, is how the magic happens and the people around her get the most out of their potential.

sanna_moore.jpeg"Building bridges between corporations and startups create innovation and growth."
Sanna Moore is our Program Manager at MobilityXlab. She is a true believer in collaboration as a tool to create innovation and growth. Sanna's days are spent scouting and matching startups with big corporations, building bridges between the two parties, and finding opportunities to meet challenges. 



Soon you will get to meet our colleagues Isabela, Viktor and Ahmed here as well!



Katarina Brud
Johanna Lavefors
Mood Manager
Susanna Glenndahl Thorslund
Innovation Manager
Sanna Moore
Program Manager
Viktor Johansson
Viktor Johansson
Tech Scout & Innovation Manager
Ahmed Ouaddani
Ahmed Ouaddani
Innovation Manager - Electromobility
Isabela Cavedem
Isabela Cavedem
Communications Officer