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mobilityXlab 2 year anniversary!

On October 2nd, we celebrated mobilityXlab’s two year anniversary during a lunch together with startups, partner representatives and colleagues from all our partners.

Today we are celebrating that mobilityXlab’s turns two years old.

It makes me proud to reflect on the journey mobilityXlab has been on since we launched two years ago, on October 3rd, 2017. We started out with our mission "to provide a dynamic ecosystem where emerging companies together with global corporations create mobility solutions improving the world of tomorrow". Our partners were in place, and immediately after our inauguration startups from all over the world started to approach us, willing to collaborate. This showed there had been a gap in the market for a platform, as mobilityXlab, acting as the interface between larger corporations and startups.

Fast forward two years, we have had 29 startups that have explored collaborations with our partners, we have had five partner projects, we have applications from startups, looking to collaborate with our partners, from more than 20 countries. The word about our unique platform is getting spread around the world - word of mouth. What impresses me most is that over 100 employees from our partner companies are engaging at mobilityXlab, being involved in startup collaborations and partner projects. The energy, commitment and willingness to collaborate and innovate from our startups and partners are what is unique with stepping into the doors of mobilityXlab and being a part of our community.

Our success is due to all the amazing individuals behind every startup, partner company, supporters, contributors, and employees. So, THANK YOU all for being mobilityXlab; shaping a new way of working together, a new culture and a faster way of accelerating together!

We are starting seeing the results and the benefits of our collaborations. One example is one of the first startups that joined us, Annotell , who has done an impressive journey during their time here. We also have Viscando that is collaborating with three of our partners on solutions for safer traffic with 3D, AI & 5G. Going forward, we are looking forward to sharing more of the collaborations that are taking place, as we speak, at mobilityXlab.

Our two-year history is a great receipt that we, together, bring future mobility closer. And our future is bright.

THANK YOU to our industry partners: CEVT, ERICSSON, VEONEER, VOLVO CARS, VOLVO GROUP & ZENUITY, as well as our supporters: LINDHOLMEN SCIENCE PARK, VINNOVA & VÄSTRA GÖTALANDSREGIONEN - as you make mobilityXlab possible!

/Katarina Brud, Director of mobilityXlab