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One application closes - another one opens!

The applications for the Future Mobility Award have been closed. The amount of applications and diversity within them have really been incredible. We have received applications from 18 different countries all over the world. We’re beyond excited to start the evaluation process.

For all of you great startups who applied, and for you who didn’t, don’t worry - we will soon be opening the applications for our sixth batch of the MobilityXlab collaboration process!

The Future Mobility Award

So, as mentioned, the applications for the Future Mobility Awards are closed. We are taken aback by the response we’ve gotten and really excited by the startups who’ve applied. Among the applications we found startups from 18 different countries spread over 6 continents; North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. 

Startups applied for the Future Mobility Awards by choosing one of our award categories; Sustainability, Connectivity, AI for Safety and Virtual Development. Now, our job begins with evaluating all of the applications and nominating the startups who bring the best innovations and enable transformations in the best way within our chosen categories. 

We will be presenting the nominees on 7 September 2020. 

When one door closes another one opens 

We want to send out a great big thank you to all of the amazing startups who applied for the Future Mobility Award. Please stay tuned for more updates and our live event on October 6th!

Now we shift focus to the sixth batch of the MobilityXlab Collaboration Process. We open the applications for the new batch on September 1st and that will kickoff a new cycle of collaboration with our partners within the walls of MobilityXlab. 

Are you an emerging company looking to accelerate through collaboration with our industry partners? Read more about us and why we are so good at facilitating collaboration at