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Check us out and get on board!

We are now looking for candidates to be a part of MobilityXlab during Fall 2019.

We need emerging companies that want to join us in developing the next generation mobility. We want partners that have building blocks and are ready to find their role in the value chain, using the strengths of the other links. We are looking for components and enablers for smart mobility. Be prepared to interact! Collaborators win.

Make sure to apply before March 31st.

Apply here


Being part of MobilityXlab’s Community brings many benefits to our startups, such as possibilities to:

  • collaborate with our partners during six months
  • get dedicated contact persons from our partners
  • strategic partnership with our partner companies
  • increase your visibility and exposure through MobilityXlab, such as co-branding in media, events and exhibitions
  • utilize our unique ecosystem, with access to sponsored services by external contributors
  • participate in activities exclusively for our community
  • utilize our modern collaborative space at MobilityXlab, free of charge



Application period: 13 Feburary-31 March
The application period runs between 13th of Feburary - 31st of March. 

Pitch session: 23-26 April  
You may be called for a pitch session April 23rd - 26th with our team of partner companies.

Announcement: 31 May 
You can expect an answer from us before 31st of May.

Demo Day : 5 June
As part of the next period you will also be invited to our previous startups Demo Day. 

Kick Off: 21 August
If your company is the right fit we will have you onboarding in August and stay with us until the end of December.

In order to be appointed a possible collaboration with MobilityXlab, at least two of our partners needs to be interested in your solution.

Please apply by using the application form.  


Apply here