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Next application opens in August.

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This time, we specifically look for innovations and solutions that contribute in four specific areas where partners are looking for new innovative solutions: Electromobility, Affordable AI, Sensor Software Innovation, and In-Cabin Tech

As always, MobilityXlab is looking for the world's best startups to join us in our quest of bringing future mobility closer. Make sure to apply before March 31 for a chance to collaborate with our industry partners.



Electrification is bringing new challenges with new powertrain, battery management system and on-board power management solutions. Transitioning to new electric vehicles can be also challenging as it involves a whole new connected ecosystem of charging solutions, charging experience & charging infrastructure.

SOLUTIONS should increase knowledge and visibility for our customers in areas such as energy management, battery analytics, route planning or grid services.


AI development is dependent on access to large amounts of annotated data to train the models, a process that can be expensive for companies. In this area, we look for innovations and methods to reduce costs.

SOLUTIONS can target the annotations, training, monetization, or reuse of old data with the main focus to reduce AI development cost.


There is an increasing demand for smart software solutions in sensing technology to improve perception, detection, tracking, accuracy, or robustness on any sensor related to Autonomous Drive/Active Safety on a 24/7 basis.

SOLUTIONS should enhance the quality of performance, robustness, safety, and security of systems based on sensor fusion, and data sharing from development to the aftermarket.


In a future autonomous mobility solution, the rider will either work, be entertained, socialize, or relax - we will experience our rides in a completely new way. While doing so, we strive towards a rider who has full trust in all aspects of safety and security.

SOLUTIONS should present how to create the optimal rider experience and introduce new ways on how a rider can interact with the vehicle and the goods it transports.



Being part of MobilityXlab’s Community brings many benefits to our startups, such as:

  • Collaborate with our partners for six months
  • Get dedicated contact persons from our partners
  • Be a part of the ecosystem, at the heart of the automotive cluster in northern Europe
  • Increase your visibility and exposure through co-branding in media, events, and exhibitions
  • Participate in exclusive community activities
  • Access to our partner venture firms
  • Exclusive access to free services from our contributors
  • Utilize our modern collaborative space
  • The network of global startups


Application closes: 31 March
The application period runs between 1 Feb and 31 March. 

Pitch session: 3-7 May  
You may be called for a pitch session with our team of partner companies.

Announcement: June 

Kick-off: August 
If your company is the right fit we will have you onboarding in August at our Kick-off.

In order to be appointed a possible collaboration with MobilityXlab, at least two of our partners needs to be interested in your solution.

Please apply by using the application form.  


Apply here