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Check us out and get on board! Application is open Feb 1 - March 27

In this application, our partners specifically look for innovations and solutions that contribute in five specific areas; Electromobility, In-Cabin Tech, Autonomous Enablers, Connectivity, and Smart Transport Systems, all with sustainability as an integrated part.

Read more about the five categories here.

As always, MobilityXlab is looking for the world's best startups to join us in our quest of bringing future mobility closer.


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MobilityXlab accelerates global innovation based on Swedish collaboration culture. We offer startups and scaleups with pioneering ideas within mobility and connectivity the opportunity to access the network and accelerate through a strategic partnership with our six global industry partners.

We are also a collaboration hub that enables projects between founding partner companies. We do this by creating a space and culture of openness for collaboration and by connecting startups with partner companies through our collaboration program.

Key Dates 2022 - Batch 9

  • 1 February: Application opens. Learn more about the five categories here. 
  • 21-23 February: Reversed pitch, our partners express their needs. 
  • 7 March: Info session #1, 9-10 AM CET open for anyone interested in applying. Look at the recording here.
  • 10 March: Info session #2, 3-4 PM CET open for anyone interested in applying. 
  • 27 March: Deadline for applications.  
  • 20 April: Pitch selection deadline, our partner companies decide on which startups to invite to pitch
  • 2-6 May: Pitch week
  • 2 June: Startup selection deadline, our partner companies decide on which startups to invite to the six-month program
  • 8 June: Batch announcement, we present the startups in MobilityXlab Batch 9
  • 24 August: Batch 9 Kickoff
  • 7 September: Tech Day
  • 22 February 2023: Batch 9 Graduation

All events are online, following the Covid-19 restrictions. We hope to be able to welcome you to our office in person for Tech Day on 7 September, if restrictions allow.

Key Dates 2022 - Batch 8

  • 26 January: Batch 8 Kickoff
  • 21-25 February: Checkpoint 1
  • 4-8 April: Checkpoint 2/Midterm
  • 30 May-3 June: Checkpoint 3
  • 22 June: Batch 8 Graduation
  • 7 September: Tech Day


Being part of MobilityXlab’s Community brings many benefits to our startups, such as:

  • Collaborate with our partners for six months
  • Get dedicated contact persons from our partners
  • Be a part of the ecosystem, at the heart of the automotive cluster in northern Europe
  • Increase your visibility and exposure through co-branding in media, events, and exhibitions
  • Participate in exclusive community activities
  • Access to our partner venture firms
  • Exclusive access to free services from our contributors
  • Utilize our modern collaborative space
  • The network of global startups